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Mask Surf Everything allows you to encrypt your internet connection
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Mask Surf Everything is a handy application meant to help you protect your online identity and privacy. This powerful tool lets you go online and surf the web in a completely anonymous manner, without allowing your real location or identity to be detected and traced down. It does that by combining IP hiding capabilities and the acknowledged benefits of the well-known TOR (The Onion Router) network.

Mask Surf Everything is a really effective utility that comes with many interesting features related to the protection of your privacy and online identity. For example, it supports any application using TCP and not only the web browsers that are popular, like other similar IP hiding applications do. Furthermore, it lets you choose from which country you want the fake IP that replaces your real one to be.

Operating Mask Surf Everything is not difficult, but I also wouldn’t call it an exactly easy-to-use application. There are many intricate settings that beginners won’t probably comprehend, so in terms of being easy to use, other anonymization tools get the upper hand.

Anyway, for more advanced users with a bit of experience and IT knowledge, Mask Surf Everything may represent a better solution, as it’s more comprehensive, it permanently displays a handy real-time log, and it makes use of the acknowledged TOR’s capabilities. In conclusion, it’s clearly worth at least a try.

Margie Smeer
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  • Makes use of TOR capabilities
  • Lets you select the location for the fake IP
  • Works with any TCP connection


  • It won't work for Google Chrome, for applications working with the UDP protocol, and for torrent clients
  • A bit complicated for beginners
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